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What we do

For Prospective Students

Counseling services
Vision provides students with detailed information about the institution, admission requirements, tuition fees and other pertinent information such as financial aid, scholarships, etc. We work to understand the student's needs and profile to help place students to the most appropriate schools and programs.


Visa application & processing
We will assist students with preparing the required documents for their transition abroad such as liaising with the appropriate Embassies in processing the student's visa application. With our knowledge and in-depth expertise, we help to ease the visa application process, e.g., utilizing electronic-visa application whenever applicable.


Pre-departure coaching
Beyond our counseling services, Vision will assist and brief students about with information about their new destination preparing them for their new lives abroad.


Settlement service
We will arrange arrival services in advance, such as airport pickup, home stay, medical insurance, etc. We will also work with our partners before and upon the student's arrive to ensure a smooth transition.


Success with Partners

Direct access to prospective students

Since most New Oriental students start with our language training programs, we are able to track their record and performance history. Vision’s partners can have access to these student profiles to help with recruitment and program.


Strategic recruitment

With 40 branch offices, 1000* learning centers across China, we are capable of recruiting students to our partner programs and institutions utilizing demographical analysis that evaluates needs, demands, preferences, and cumulative performance of different regions in China.


Online outreach

As the official website of New Oriental Education & Technology Group, www.xdf.cn receives more than 1,000,000 hits per day. It has proven to be the most effective way of promoting new programs and services to Chinese students. With our strong media partnerships, we advertise on the leading web sites in China, increasing our scope and awareness to the public.

Industry exposure
Education exhibitions, road shows, information seminars, interviews via video conferencing are just a sample of the way Vision provides partner institutions with exposure and access to the Chinese student market. We work closely with our partners to lead and create informative and relevant events to provide win-win results.

Shared platform partnerships

Over the years, New Oriental has developed strong partnerships with the Chinese government, leading education and business institutions, and media agencies. Through these platforms, we encourage and support our partners to share their expertise and know-how through these channels.