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The most recognized education brand in China
With 20 years' successful operation, New Oriental is the best-known service provider to Chinese students and their families. As a rising star of the parent company New Oriental Education & Technology Group Inc., we are proud to contribute to the growing brand and reputation as well as and the largest student pool in China.

Professional operation
With over 4000 counselors and staff, many have overseas study experience and international degrees.
Rapid growth
From two counseling centers in 2008 to 30 counseling centers today and growing, we are increasing our reach and accessibility of services. Through our network, we are helping an increasingly number of students gain entry to overseas education programs, with an average enrollment growth rate of nearly 90% year-on-year since 2008.

Global partnerships
With partners all over the world, together, we have contributed to the growing success of New Oriental and unleashed the potential of Chinese students.

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Every year, Mr. Zhou Chenggang will travel with our counselors and teachers to visit the top tier universities all over the world, and we called it “Vision on the Way”. We would like to use our cameras to bring the world to Chinese students.