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        "Society does not place enough emphasis on the intellect—that is, on reasoning and other cognitive skills."



        Dose not society place enough emphasis on the intellect as the speaker asserts? I concede that society, to some degree, indeed dose not pay much attention to cultivating intellect which contains the abilities of reasoning, cognition, and creation and comprehension. However, people nowadays have commenced to conduct a series of innovations so as to transform the status quo.

        The chief reason of my agreement on the speaker’s claim involves the current educational mechanism. On one hand, tests are none the less the principle criterion to assess the ability of a student, resulting in a negative effect that neither will the students and teachers place stress on fostering the reasoning, cognitive, creative and other skills. Instead, they are apt to leave no stone unturned in their efforts upon how to pass those examinations smoothly embracing speculation or even cheat in exams. Furthermore, in the test system lies another hidden harm particularly in some Asian countries that getting a high grade merely calls for putting a host of hours in constantly repeating to rote a spate of knowledge by the means of mnemonics, which are apt to decrease the ability of cognition and reasoning. On the other hand, in this era of information explode, as a student, we have to learn multiple courses covering the knowledge from diversities of fields so that no time and energy are left for us to commit to analyzing, grasping,probing knowledge in depth and thus build a comprehensive structure of knowledge by fully utilizing the capacity of intellect. As a result, we are deprived of opportunities to develop the intellect. Chronically, there is a tendency that the intellect of students is rendered inactive and even obtuse.

        The second reason why I generally assent to this statement has to do with the development of technology. Along with the quickening advancement of technology,we reduce assembly-line into reality in the realm of manufacture, which not only boost the efficiency of productivity but also might be tempting to restrain the progress of intellectual capacity of human beings. In this sense, automation render us slaves to machines that a large proportion of workers merely focus on the operative skills whereas seldom ponder questions like how those machines work and why they work in this way, which are conducive to improve the abilities of reasoning and comprehension, let alone delve into ameliorating the machines and creating more effective ones. Moreover, varied professional training schools also underestimate the significance of reasoning and creation more or less but simply lay much value on the proficiency of operating machines, which never goes a long way to gain in the intellect. Consequently, it makes possible ossification and even regression of the intellect.

        Nevertheless, what really relieves us a bit is that more and more people have begun to realize the ponderance of the intellect, neglecting which obviously puts sands in the wheels of the evolution of society. Recent efforts to reform public and professional education in a number of countries say, European-American and Asian countries have been characterized by an unprecedented endeavor to increase the consciousness of educating intellectual ability. For example, a teaching approach that connects/integrate knowledge and theories with social practice has been waged and received accolades in many schools. In the process of this way of learning, students no longer purely memorize or smatter knowledge, to the contrary they make the best use of their reasoning skills and other skills to discover practical problems in daily life and apply what they have learned to cope with them, in which way the intellect of them can be sharpen gradually. There are parallels in advanced education that universities and colleges encourage and afford students funds to carry out scientific researches in order to nurture talents with creative ability and rigorous reasoning intellect. Besides, in the United States, the promulgation of No Child Left Behind Act enacted by Bush government reinforces the education of basic subjects especially accentuates the importance of learning mathematic, through which, you possibly find your reasoning and logic intellect soar.

        To sum up, while society, as a matter of fact, have not attached great magnitude to the intellect, on balance, people have already been aware of the serious consequence of the present educational mechanism and are striving to attempt to embark upon a wide range of reforms to overcome its disadvantages and deter the situation from deteriorating.

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