• GMAT写作热门话题句型集合

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            1. According to a recent survey, four million people die each year from diseases linked to smoking.


        2. The latest surveys show that quite a few children have unpleasant associations with homework.


        3. No invention has received more praise and abuse than Internet.


        4. People seem to fail to take into account the fact that education does not end with graduation.


        5. An increasing number of people are beginning to realize that education is not complete with graduation.


        6. When it comes to education, the majority of people believe that education is a lifetime study.


        7. Many experts point out that physical exercise contributes directly to a person's physical fitness.


        8. Proper measures must be taken to limit the number of foreign tourists and the great efforts should be made to protect local environment and history from the harmful effects of international tourism.


        9. An increasing number of experts believe that migrants will exert positive effects on construction of city. However, this opinion is now being questioned by more and more city residents, who complain that the migrants have brought many serious problems like crime and prostitution.


        10. Many city residents complain that it is so few buses in their city that they have to spend much more time waiting for a bus, which is usually crowded with a large number of passengers.







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