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        China has, overall, achieved a stable performance while at the same time securing progress in its economic and social development。


        The main indication of this stable performance is that the economy operated within an appropriate range. The underlying feature demonstrating progress is that our development is becoming better coordinated and more sustainable。


        Middle-income trap


        In order to defuse problems and risks, avoid falling into the "middle-income trap," and achieve modernization, China must rely on development, and development requires an appropriate growth rate。


        Tigers in the road


        China's economic development has entered a new normal. Our country is in the crucial period during which challenges need to be overcome and problems need to be solved. Systemic, institutional, and structural problems have become "tigers in the road" holding up development. Without deepening reform and making economic structural adjustments, we will have a difficult time sustaining steady and sound development。


        Dual objectives, twin engines

        我们要把握好总体要求,着眼于保持中高速增长和迈向中高端水平"双目标",坚持稳政策稳预期和促改革调结构"双结合",打造大众创业、万众创新和增加公共产品、公共服 务"双引擎",推动发展调速不减势、量增质更优,实现中国经济提质增效升级。

        We must focus on achieving the dual objectives of maintaining a medium-high-level growth rate and moving toward a medium-high-level of development. We need to maintain policy continuity and keep expectations stable while moving forward with reform and structural adjustment, and we need to develop twin engines to drive development: popular entrepreneurship and innovation, paired with increased supplies of public good and services. This will ensure that our growth rate is adjusted without weakening momentum and that growth in quantity is underpinned by greater quality, thereby achieving a better-quality, more efficient, upgraded economy。

        三期叠加: 经济增长速度换挡期、结构调整阵痛期、前期刺激政策消化期

        The slowdown in economic growth, making difficult structural adjustments, and absorbing the effects of previous economic stimulus policies

        我国发展面临"三期叠加"矛盾,资源环境约束加大,劳动力等要素成本上升,高投入、高消耗、偏重数量扩张的发展方式已经难以为继,必须推动经济在稳定增长中优化结构 。

        In the current stage of development, China has to deal simultaneously with the slowdown in economic growth, making difficult structural adjustments, and absorbing the effects of previous economic stimulus policies. As resource-related and environmental constraints grow and costs for labor and other factors of production rise, a model of development that draws on high levels of investment and energy consumption and is heavily driven by quantitative expansion becomes difficult to sustain. We must therefore improve the economic structure while ensuring steady growth。




        Procedures and processes must be simplified and time frames must be clarified for all items requiring administrative review, and cuts to government power will be made to boost market vitality。


        Made in China 2025


        Manufacturing is a traditionally a strong area for Chinese industry. We will implement the "Made in China 2025" strategy; seek innovation-driven development; apply smart technologies; strengthen foundations; pursue green development; and redouble our efforts to upgrade China from a manufacturer of quantity to one of quality。


        "Internet Plus" action plan

        制定"互联网+"行动,推动移动互联网、云计算、大数据。物联网等于现代制造业结合,促进电子商务、工业互联网和互联网金融健康发展,引导互联网企业拓展国际市场。     We will develop the "Internet Plus" action plan to integrate the mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things with modern manufacturing, to encourage the healthy development of e-commerce, industrial networks, and Internet baking, and to guide Internet-based companies to increase their presence in the international market。

        Key figures for China's economy in 2015


        7%: Increase GDP by approximately 7 percent


        3%: Keep increase in CPI at around 3 percent


        10 million: Create over 10 million jobs in urban areas


        4.5%: Ensure registered urban unemployment rate not to exceed 4.5 percent


        6%: Increase imports and exports by around 6 percent


        3.1%: Cut energy intensity by 3.1 percent


        1.62 trillion yuan: Annual government budget deficit is projected to be 1.62 trillion yuan


        2.3%: Deficit to GDP ratio will rise from last year's 2.1 percent to 2.3 percent


        12%: M2 money supply is forecasted to grow by around 12 percent, but actual supply may be slightly higher


        477.6 billion yuan: The central government will increase its budgetary investment to 477.6 billion yuan


        800 billion yuan: Over 800 billion yuan will be invested in railway construction and open over 8,000 km of railways to traffic


        800 billion yuan: Over 800 billion yuan will be invested in the major water conservancy projects


        7.4 million: Build an additional 7.4 million units of government-subsidized housing


        10 million: Reduce the poor rural population by more than 10 million


        3.1%: Cut the intensity of carbon dioxide by at least 3.1 percent


        3.66 million: Renovate 3.66 million dilapidated rural houses







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