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Language training still remains the largest portion of New Oriental’s service. A large number of students enroll in our courses to improve their language proficiency and standardized test preparation every year. At the same time, many students take advantage of Vision’s counseling service. Our counselors work closely with New Oriental’s faculty to gain an in-depth understanding of students and their goals and qualifications. Vision’s professionally trained counselors provide students with detailed and complete information of potential institutions along with the analyses on program strengths and opportunities. Our goal is to make sure students have sufficient information and transparency to make good decisions about their future.

Language trainingTest PreparationVision Counseling Services

Two unique training programs are tailored and incorporated withthe counseling services to best prepare students with their written communication skills and cultural awareness understanding. These two programs have won high recognition from students as a result of the noticeable qualitative improvement in skills and understanding.

College Prep Mentor ProgramCollege Application Workshop

This unique program at New Oriental is designed for high school students who desire to pursue undergraduate studies at top universities. In this program, tailored schemes are provided by mentors for each individual focused on academic training, extracurricular activities, and personal career coaching services. The aim is to help program participants acquire useful knowledge and skills that are essential for their university application. Importantly, this program enables participants to explore their potential interests and talent, and inspire them to achieve their future goals.Founded in 2006, the College Application Workshop is a prestigious program aimed to mentor, coach, and prepare high achieving high school students with their application for education abroad and a plan for their future academic and career path. Through small and large group brainstorming sessions, these talented students are encouraged to connect their past experiences with future aspirations while also increasing their leadership, teamwork, and communication skills. As they consider future studies abroad, workshop participants are encourage to be proactive and self-sufficient in the pursuit of higher education.